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President Bush Visits
Beaver Aerospace & Defense


President Bush speaks at Beaver Aerospace & Defense

President Bush spoke to workers at Beaver Aerospace and Defense, Inc. about how his tax cut would help the Livonia parts maker and other small businesses on July 24, 2003.


On July 24, 2003 President George W. Bush visited Beaver Aerospace & Defense Inc., a ballscrew and actuator manufacturer for commercial and military aircraft, to speak about the economy and how small businesses play an important role in the economic recovery of our nation.


"First, let me just say I appreciate the hardworking folks here at Beaver Aerospace for making sure that Air Force One functions properly. Otherwise, it might have been a long flight. I appreciate what you do for America's defense. I appreciate your hard work. I appreciate your talent. I appreciate your help in making this country strong," said Bush.


Beaver Aerospace employees were extremely honored to be on the receiving end of his 10th visit to Michigan. Introduced by the Secretary of Commerce, Don Evans, Bush said the tax break for small business would result in a $70,000 savings for Beaver Aerospace.


"And that means more money that goes into research to develop new products. And that's important. If I were a worker here, I'd want to be on the cutting edge of new products. I'd want the people who run this company -- thinking about how best can I use my talent and my skills to build a new product to stay competitive," said Bush.


Employees and supporters cheered and waved American flags as the president shared his economic agenda with them in the Livonia facility. He tailored his message to the workers and Beaver Aerospace owner, Bill Phillips.


"You know, one of the great things about America is the entrepreneurial spirit of our country. And Mr. Phillips is an entrepreneur. And one of the things we've got to do in America is keep that entrepreneurial spirit alive and well. And Mr. Phillips knows what I know -- you can be an entrepreneur, but without good workers, good, dedicated, hardworking people willing to run the machines and show up on time and work hard, the entrepreneurial spirit is kind of empty. And so, first of all, I want to not only thank the Phillips folks, I want to thank the people who work here in this facility. Thanks for making America go," said Bush.


300 employees await presidents visit
Over 300 Beaver Aerospace & Defense and PSI employees awaited the President.
President Bush meets employees and signs autographs

President Bush signed autographs for Beaver Aerospace & Defense employees.




Welcome Banner
A 75 ft. banner adorned the lawn of Beaver Aerospace & Defense.
Marine Corps presents the Colors
Members of the Marine Corps who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom were honored at the event and served as Color Guard to present the Colors.










Beaver Aerospace & Defense, Inc., is a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, Livonia, Michigan



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