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Beaver Ball Screws are the Accepted Standard in Aircraft Actuator Design

From the first application on the B-29 landing gear system, Beaver Aerospace & Defense has designed and manufactured precision ball screws for a wide variety of commercial aerospace applications. The high mechanical efficiency of ball screws translates into significantly less weight because of the small drive motors and smaller, less bulky, drive components.

Tubular construction designs save even more weight, without sacrificing reliability. Wear life is predictable and relates directly to the standards of the ball bearing industry. Wing flap actuators, landing gear systems, horizontal stabilizers and fan thrust reverses are examples of some of the many successful applications.


Beaver also plays an important part in ground support equipment. Ball screws are used to raise and lower people movers into position for loading and unloading passengers. A ball screw also positions the people mover canopy to fit snugly on the fuselage.


The fan thrust-reverser system on the Boeing 747 is a typical example of Beaver ingenuity. The system, which can be put into full operation in less than two seconds, is made possible by a compact actuating network at both the forward and backend of the engines. An air motor drives flexible shafts, which loop around the cowl of the engine and interconnect four gearboxes that are coupled to Beaver ballscrews. The ball screws provide linear motion to move the thrust direction ring to the gear, which exposes the reverser cascades and drops the blocker door to divert airflow forward.


Light jet using Beaver's ball screws


Beaver Aerospace & Defense is pleased to offer an extensive inventory of Boeing 747 and 767 Horizontal Stabilizer Ball Screw Assemblies and component parts in stock to support your requirements. Inventory is also available for 737 Classic Series Trailing Edge Flap Ball Screws and a variety of thrust reverser ball screws. Contact us for a complete list of available parts or, for more information, visit the Ball Screws page. In addition, visit the FAA-Approved Parts & Components page for a complete list of available Beaver Aerospace & Defense FAA-Approved parts and components.



Beaver Aerospace & Defense designs and manufactures Electromechanical Actuators (EMAs) for customers whose applications are rigorous and environmentally demanding, yet require short schedules and low cost targets. We can meet customer expectations by using previously proven designs and components when possible - and custom designs and components when necessary. For more information, visit the Actuators page.



Visit the FAA-Approved Parts & Components page for a complete list of available Beaver Aerospace & Defense parts and components. 





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